Our Wedding

Adam and I were married in a beautiful waterfront ceremony on August 23rd, 2013 in Broomes Island, MD. We celebrated afterwards with 130 of our friends and loved ones, dancing under the stars and enjoying an beautiful evening after what was almost a rainout. 

When we started planning, there was no doubt that we'd be incorporating nautical details into our day. It's who we are.

Cake forks featuring the coordinates of our wedding location.
Nautical cake topper, Etsy.

I've always loved event planning and design, and I couldn't wait to get started on my biggest undertaking yet. Much to my surprise, I found it difficult to find just what I was looking for: elegant nautical, but not beachy. 

Centerpiece 1. Number and monkey knots via Etsy; runners and flowers personally made/arranged.

Much to my surprise, it was incredibly difficult to find what I was envisioning. Armed with little more than a sewing machine and a vision, I set out to create pretty much all of our details myself, with the help of my mom and mother-in-law. 
The infamous bunting! 
By far, our biggest project was the bunting featured above. After about five months of cutting triangles, sewing, and ironing, we had created some-570 feet of gorgeous nautical bunting to hang in our tent. Sure enough, it brought the whole room together. 

We created plenty of other details, too: boutonnieres, program fans, ribbon wands, bridesmaid bouquets, and escort cards were lovingly handmade by us and our loved ones to help make our wedding beautiful. 

Ceremony program fans and ribbon wands.

Bridesmaid bouquets. Personally arranged using hydrangeas from a local Amish flower farm.

Nautical bout, handmade from ribbon, rope, and twine. 
Driftwood escort cards.
Some of my favorite details were the banners that I created for our wedding! I whipped up these simple but chic cardstock banners for our gift table, sweetheart table, and thank-you cards. These banners were such a hit that I've recently opened an Etsy shop selling personalized banners for weddings, holidays, and other events! Take a look around if you'd like a similar product for your wedding. 

"Cards" banner, handmade. Bushel personally owned.

"Mr & Mrs" Banner for the sweetheart table.

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