Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let the Busy Christmas Season Begin!

Phew, I have been so busy this week! After hosting our first Thanksgiving last Thursday, we spent the long weekend just kinda recovering and slowly getting out Christmas decorations. 

Our mantel - still getting all of the decor out!
Mom and I got crafty and made these paper trees for my mantel! It was super easy and just required a few pieces of Christmas cardstock, baker's twine, and scotch tape. My favorite part is the teeny tiny banners, obviously :) 

But what's kept me really busy is the sudden flood of Bunting and Banners orders I've received this week! Just about all day Sunday and every night this week was spent hard at work crafting beauties like this: 

Winter ONEderland First Birthday High Chair Banner, Etsy
Winter ONEderland Buffet Cards
I haven't blogged much about my little Etsy shop, so let me take this time to say how absolutely thrilled I am that it's taken off the way it has. I started up the shop on a whim in October, assuming I might make a banner or two for family members and that'd be it. Much to my surprise, I've received orders from all over the country! 

Merry & Bright, Etsy
It's been less than two months and I've already made items for weddings, holidays, and sweetest of all, first birthday parties as shown above. I'm so excited to see where this journey leads in 2014, and I feel so blessed to have contributed to so many happy celebrations thus far!

We have our tree up, but it's not getting decorated until I get the rest of these orders out! Pictures to come this weekend :)