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Want to know the story behind my Etsy shop, Bunting and Banners? Keep reading!

I got engaged on Christmas Day 2012 and, like many women, I threw myself straight into planning the wedding I'd always imagined. I've always had a soft spot for event planning and design, and I couldn't wait to start bringing this vision to life that I'd had in my head for years. Marrying my best friend was a nice bonus, too. 

Much to my surprise, it was incredibly difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. I scoured Etsy, spent hours on Pinterest, even searched high and low through home decor stores. Giving up, my mom and I dusted off an old sewing machine, purchased a Cricut, and took on the daunting task of creating just about all of the decor for the wedding. 

This bunting took about six months to make, but I LOVE it!

The work was slow and tedious to start, but once the creative juices started flowing, the event came together before our eyes. Boutonnieres,  bunting, banners, save the date signs, table numbers, table runners, centerpiece design, bouquets, ribbon wands, and programs - there wasn't an aspect of the wedding that wasn't lovingly crafted by us in some way. Months of long nights and hard work finally came together on a cool August day in rural southern Maryland, as my husband and I exchanged vows and celebrated with loved ones. 

Adam's boutonniere, made by yours truly.

Our wedding day was full of love, happiness, and laughter, but I don't think we realized the extent of our design success until we received our pictures from the photographer. Every detail came together in unison, creating an event perfectly designed without being over the top. Within hours of posting the pictures to social media, I was bombarded with inquiries from other brides asking to purchase our items, or for help creating their own. 

Custom "Mr & Mrs" Banner for the sweetheart table, available here

As I started this venture in the early fall, I've been focusing quite a bit on holiday decor, which I LOVE. I have always been a staunch supporter of any reason to have a party, and that means I love any and all holidays! 

**To all of my supporters, and especially to those who have already became my customers, I humbly thank you. Your encouragement means so much to me as I begin this little venture. We'll see where it leads!**

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